I've been lucky enough to experience a taste of decadence in East London. Les Trois Garcons was the venue for a lovely surprise dinner to celebrate the recent engagement of our good friends Mike and Danielle. We walked in to find a scene which was more like a strange dream or fairy tale from some foreign land. A stuffed giraffe head greeted me as we are seated to the most beautifully dressed table I've ever seen. That was just the beginning as on closer inspection of the dining room I soon found quite a zoo with a twist. From the stuffed hammerhead shark, a bulldog with a tiara, to the crocodile holding a sceptre lunging at a bejeweled tiger. My personal favorite was the mounted sabre tooth tiger, something that would seem more fitting in the natural history museum than a French restaurant off Shoreditch High Street. By now I was already swept away into the world of this magical place. We had a winter tasting menu which was outstanding with highlights been the home cured foie gras with quince chutney and toasted brioche. The sea bass delicately decorated with scallops and mussels was my favourite along with seared gressingham duck breast and slow cooked leg with pickled cucumber and a red currant orange jus. The quirky world of Les Trois Garcons will remain a highlight of my dining experiences and I couldn't think of a better way of toasting the union of great friends. Thanks again mike and danielle for a perfect evening.

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