♥ Annina Vogel Charms ♥

I have fallen in love with the beautiful jewellery of Annina Vogel. Each piece is completely unique and never to be repeated. This impressive collection of rare antique British gold charms and chains are sourced from a wide range of antique markets and vintage jewellery fairs all over the country. Annina is making it her mission to save as much Antique Gold as possible in its original form such brooches, studs, and charms. She then transforms and revives it into something really special. There is something wonderful about charms each one is absolutely charming.

Annina has come across some really amazing pieces, a toaster with the toast popping out, a safe opening to money, a music box that actually plays a tune and an hour glass with moving sand... you'll often find her in Portobello Market on a Saturday morning with eyes peeled for that holy grail of all Charms and any Victorian treasure she can get her hands on!!

My personal favourites are the diamond arrow necklaces and the Victorian diamond and gem-set studded necklace find your own at www.anninavogel.co.uk