I recently treated myself to a massage at Eastern Natural Care, which specialize in traditional Chinese medicine. Along with a relaxing hour-long massage chief consultant doctor Lui applied the ancient practice of Cupping to my back. This was the first time I have had this kind of treatment. After the hot cups were heated and positioned down by spine I was left for 20mins before they were removed. I left feeling slightly car sick and a little wary of the effectiveness of such a technique, it seemed that all I was left with was a very distinctive circular bruise. In the following days to this treatment I did feel a calmness and what seemed to be a reduction in stress levels. I am still unconvinced and wonder whether this technique is more of a placebo, rather than an actual cure to tension. However I am tempted to return and try the follow up treatment doctor Lui recommended of Osteo-Manipulation??.. I will keep you posted on my results.


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  1. Did u go back for Osteo-Manipulation? (He has recommended me the same)